Handkäse - a spicy cheese with bread and butter        3,20 €

Handkäse Musik with vinegar and onion-vinaigrette   3,80 €

Boiled beef sausage with pickled cabbage & bread      5,80 €

Frankfurter-sausages with pickled cabbage & bread   5,20 €


Homemade tomato soup  with bread   3,80 €

Homemade goulash-soup with bread  4,80 €

Bone marrow dumpling-soup with bread   4,80 €

Frankfurter specialty

Schlachtplatte - Black pudding- and liver sausages, pork rip, mini suchling pig hock,

pickled cabbage and mashed potatoes


Homemade meatballs with paprika tomato sauce, french fries and salad

Haxe - grilled salt pork knuckle with pickled cabbage and bread

Haspel - boiled salt pork-hock with pickled cabbage and bread



Salt pork-chop (grilled or boiled) with pickled cabbage and mashed potatoes

Sausage-mix-plate with pickled cabbage and bread


Schäufelchen - pork shoulder (grilled or boiled) with pickled cabbage and bread

12,80 €



7,80 €

10,50 €

10,50 €



10,80 €

 10,80 €


15,80 €

Our stir-fries

Bavarian grilled pork sausages with pickled cabbage and mashed potatoes                                                                    7,80 €

Baked meat loaf with fried eggs and fried potatoes                                                                                                               8,80 €


Escalope of turkey with herbal-butter, french fries and salad                                                                                            10,80 €

Breaded escalope of turkey with french fries and salad                                                                                                      10,80 €

Schnitzel, breaded escalope of pork with french fries and salad                                                                                       10,80 €

Breadetd escalope of pork  with paprika tomato sauce, french fries and salad                                                              11,80 €

Breadet escalope of pork with mushroom-sauce, french fries and salad                                                                         11,80 €


Porksteak with braised onions, french fries and salad                                                                                                         10,80 €

Porksteak with "Grüne Soße", french fries and salad                                                                                                           12,80 €

Frankfurter Schnitzel, escalope of pork with “Grüne Soße”, fried potatoes and salad                                                   12,80 €

Struwwelschnitzel breaded pork escalope filled with pickled cabbage and cheese, fried potatoes and salad          12,80 €


Rumpsteak with herbal-butter, potatoe-croquettes and salad                                                                                          17,80 €

Rumpsteak with peppersauce, potatoe-croquettes and salad                                                                                           17,80 €

chef's suggestion...

Beef-liver with braised onions, mashed potatoes and salad                                                                                                 9,80 €

Ohrid, rolled escalope of pork filled with cheese, tartar-sauce,fried potatoes and salad                                              13,80 €


Sachsenhäuser Schnitzel, baked escalope of pork with braised onions and spicy cheese,

fried potatoes & salad                                                                                                                                                                13,80 €


Grillplate - composed of rumpsteak, porksteak, turkeysteak, grilled pork sausages,

fried potatoes, herbal butter and salad                                                                                                                                  18,80 €


Frankfurt-Plate for two persons – composed of pork chop and knuckle, grilled sausages,

pickled cabbage, mashed potatoes and salad                                                                                                                       33,80 €




Plate of various salads of the season with sheep’s milk cheese

8,80 €


 Plate of various salads of the season with cattle liver

8,80 €


Plate of various salads of the season with grilled turkey-slices

10,80 €


 Breaded potato-dumpling with salad and “Grüne Soße”

 7,80 €

Vegetarian cheese-schnitzel

with boiled potatoes,

"Grüne Soße" and salad

9,80 €

Frankfurter Grüne Soße

Sour-cream with various herbs and spices with boiled eggs & potatoes

8,80 €


Cheese spaetzle with braised onions and salad

8,80 €


fish dishes

Breaded fishfilet with potato salad and remoulade

7,80 €

Pike-perch-filet with boiled potatoes, Grüne Soße and salad

13,80 €


Red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce and cream

4,80 €

Hot apple strudel with vanilla sauce and cream

3,80 €




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